The Re-think Hothouse

Hothouse: an environment that encourages the rapid growth or development of someone or something


The Hothouse is a challenging and inspirational facilitated workshop for executive teams. Re-think© will challenge you to think differently about your organization and inspire you to take actions that will enhance your agility and thus safeguard your continual success.

Re-think© will ask you to measure your organization and its practices against the key attributes of systemic agility, to determine the degree to which you are:

Sensitive – Quick to detect or respond to slight changes, signals, or influences

Informed – Making choices based on reliable and timely information

Creative – Able to generate or recognize ideas, alternatives, or all possibilities

Dynamic – Capable of rapid and progressive adaptation

Holistic – Concerned with the complete systems of which the organization is a part

Purposeful – Unambiguous in its beliefs and behaviors

Engaged – In tune with the interests of all its stakeholders

Ideally, the “Re-think Hothouse”© will be conducted over two-days with the entire executive team. During our time together we will use proprietary methods to help you form new perspectives that will then unearth the real threats to your on-going organizational health. The results of your critical learning and re-thinking will be captured in the “Re-think Diagnostic Profile”. Hugely valuable in its own right, this exercise can also start you on your journey towards enhanced organizational health and systemic agility.