Working In Partnership

Albert Einstein was sure that “A problem cannot be solved by the same consciousness in which it arose”. We share his view.

This is not to suggest that it won’t be your minds that devise the best solutions to your organizational challenges. Clearly it is the duty of leaders to work out how to achieve sustained success. Only leaders can show the way.

But we recognize that today’s leaders are dealing with unprecedented challenges, many of which have far reaching implications for how we run our organizations. Linear progress or piecemeal initiatives will often be inadequate in the face of such transformative developments.

Hence the need to re-think how our organizations influence and are affected by every aspect of the systems of which they are a part. In particular we need to re-think: the way we obtain, interpret and use information; how we respond to changing circumstances and demands; how we utilize all the resources available to us; and how we secure and sustain organizational engagement.

It is this appreciation that informs the way that we work. First and foremost our responsibility is to help you to stand back and take a fresh look at how your organization fits into today’s world – and what might be different tomorrow. By utilizing a carefully designed visioning technique we help your leadership team to collectively become the consciousness that it needs to be.

Having helped you re-frame your thinking we then provide that support which you feel is essential to enhancing your organizational agility. We will help you apply a whole-of-organization perspective in determining your needs and priorities. As far as possible we will identify ways of mobilizing your own resources to bring about the desired changes. Where we can help we will; if we feel there are other specialists that you should involve we will help you engage them as part of a coherent improvement program.

All our work is organized under our Pathway to Systemic Agility framework, specifically designed to bring about rapid transformation through carefully delivered catalytic and enabling initiatives. This is the process that we think of as:

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