Our Organisation

Our Mission: Enabling ambitious organizations to instill agile practices to the sustained benefit of all their stakeholders

The Systemic Agility Alliance evolved out of a unique blend of experiences in, and passion for, assisting organizations achieve sustained success. Through engagement in a wide variety of organizational design, strategy, behavior and process improvement initiatives – encompassing the private, public and not-for-profit sectors – we have identified what makes organizations truly and systemically agile.

Our Vision: to be respected and recognized for stimulating systemic thinking environments and innovative practices

Systemic Agility is the optimum state for an organization as it ensures it is always alert to and able to fully and rapidly respond to changes in the system of which it is a part, in a relevant and affordable way.

The Alliance created Systemic Agility©, a client-centered, flexible and innovative process to rapidly embed and activate critical attributes and practices in your organisation.
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Our Values:

Every client is unique – we work to create be-spoke solutions in partnership with our clients

We stimulate creative thinking – through processes emphasizing support and challenge

We work holistically – blending analysis with synthesis to promote intelligent solutions

We embed systemically agile approaches – creating enabled environments that are able to continually adapt to changing demands

We do what we say we will – and only those things that we know we can do well